Halo Light Studio

The Internet has opened up every business to a global marketplace. Correspondingly, your virtual showroom is as important as your physical one. In your virtual showroom, high-quality imagery can mean the difference between a decent profit and a slim one, or even a loss.

At the same time, you want to present your customers with unaltered, truthful photos – unlike magazine covers, we want to avoid ‘Photoshopping’ as much as possible. So how do you consistently and quickly generate high-quality, real images?

1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator in AutoChromatica's Halo Light Studio

Soft, full lighting with AutoChromatica’s Halo Light Studio.

AutoChromatica’s Halo Light Studio

The Halo Light Studio is designed for rapid automotive photography, producing consistent, repeatable results. Our Halo studios are built on your site, giving you professional-caliber photography for each and every car you sell.

Shooting is easy with AutoChromatica's Halo Light Studio

Take the guesswork out of great photos with AutoChromatica’s Halo Light Studio

We will help with all aspects of your Halo studio, from selecting the perfect location to taking your first stunning shots.

Halo Light Studios provide:

  • Clean, soft professional lighting
  • Economical high-refresh fluorescent lights
  • Strong yet lightweight aluminum framing
  • Beautiful photographs without software manipulation
  • Your own space where you can shoot on your schedule
  • A leg up over your competitors’ vehicle shots!


Professional automotive photographers have used overhead lighting systems like this one for years. Up until recently, this involved expensive proprietary lighting fixtures or five-figure cameras and flashes, or costly & inconvenient studio rental.

AutoChromatica’s Halo Light Studio is installed at your location, using energy-efficient lighting that you can replace at your local hardware store, and made to work with any camera – even (in a pinch) your smart phone! We will work to ensure that your Halo Light Studio meets all your requirements for years of quality automotive photography.

2007 Corvette with AutoChromatica's Halo Light Studio

Amazing results with AutoChromatica’s Halo Light Studio

[Note that we can install alternate light sources if you have specific requirements, such as color matching software.]

In addition to many of the portfolio shots, see the Halo Light Studio samples below.

Our Halo Light Studio handles the most challenging photographic situations, like black paint and chrome. The large overhead surface eliminates distracting reflections and glare. Used cars come out looking their best. The Halo Light Studio offers ample light even for interior shots or engine compartments

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